About GW2Tools

GW2Tools is an offshoot of LoLTools. Created by the enterprising folks at EnigmaSM SoftWorks and designed to provide the GW2 community with valuable tools built for them, or at least until potential inclusion into GW2 Efficiency. GW2Tools will host updated versions of tools that I want, and brand new tools that I feel I need.

About The Silver Wastes

The Silver Wastes is designed to inform you of the best character level to open all those pesky champion bags you've been getting in your time playing GW2. Breaking it down by Expected Value of finding a weapon or armor in the bags, and determining the value of the raw mats you'd get from salvaging with a basic kit, this app will inform you of the best character level gear you want to find, and helps you to figure out how many times to use those Tomes you have in your bank to make something that will work for you.

About EnigmaSM Softworks

EnigmaSM Softworks is a joke that nobody cares about and less people care for. You can see our terrible homepage with pictures of us from 5 years ago here.